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Every project printed right, right on time.

Perfectly beautiful printing. A perfectly pain-free process.

Ridiculously Reliable

Really Responsive

Radically Results-Oriented

Your printed projects deserve better.

Colors that aren’t right. Deadlines that aren’t met. Calls that aren’t returned. It’s beyond stressful. It’s shameful. And it’s 100% avoidable.

Problem-free printing, perfected.

Crisp. Colorful. Correct.

Multiple prepress checks and a robust proofing process deliver vibrant, accurate, precisely printed pieces time after time.

On time. Every time.

Even when time is tight, we overplan and overcommunicate to ensure that we deliver on or before your deadline.

Prompt and proactive.

We like to take the guesswork out of printing. So we answer or return your calls immediately. And we keep you in the loop and out of the dark.

We care about more than color.

We care about you.

Dozens of experienced team members.

Hundreds of happy clients.

Thousands of successful projects.

Millions of perfectly printed pieces every year.

Planning the perfect printed piece

Client consultation

2-Step prepress

Detailed proofing

Perfect production

Prompt communication

We make printing a pleasure.

Too often, your print project gets too little attention. It arrives late or less than perfect — and good luck getting calls returned promptly. The result? Stress and frustration — and you have to answer for your printer’s poor performance.

But you can do better — by calling Derby City Litho in Louisville. We consult with you to plan for success from the start. When your files arrive, they get two different prepress checks. Our seasoned print technicians provide proofs before your project goes on press. Then we shepherd your piece from production and finishing through on time delivery. And we communicate all along the way, so you never have to guess how your project is progressing.

You get the piece you dreamed of — on time and on budget — with none of the stress or worry. And when it performs even better than expected, you get to enjoy the credit for a job well done, instead of criticism for missed deadlines or quality issues.

Traditional offset printing and state-of-the-art digital. Wide format printing and promotional items. Mailing and fulfillment services. Get the solution you need for your next marketing project — with none of the aggravation. And let’s make marketing fun again.

Why wait? Call (502) 560-1440 today to find out how we can make you look good — and feel great — about your next print project.

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