Small Runs?

Variable Data?

Tight Deadlines?

Go Digital.

Digital printing give you the flexibility to print small quantities, or different versions of a piece, or meet a short timeline. And the quality and capability of digital are more advanced than you might guess.

As Louisville’s foremost digital printing experts, we have the ability to match Pantone colors, apply clear varnish, handle inline stapling and bindery — even print white ink — all on our digital equipment. Our press even offers extended sizes. Want to print a trifold sales piece with a folded size of 8.5” X 11”? We can do that digitally! And because the prepress process is shorter, you can get your project in a hurry when you need to.

Want to personalize your campaign? Variable data printing with our advanced digital presses lets you make each piece unique to that recipient.

(And for the printing nerds out there, here’s all the technical stuff about our equipment.)

Ricoh Pro C7100sx with EFI Fiery

  • High-quality color digital output
  • 1200 x 4800 dpi
  • Equipped with Fiery Print Controller for color management
  • Duplex Ready
  • Prints up to 13 x 19 inch paper
  • Equipped with inline stapling, can staple up to 100 sheets in multiple positions.
  • Equipped with inline saddle-stitch binding up to 20 sheets.

Ricoh Pro C7210sx Graphics Edition with EFI Fiery

  • All the same features as the C7100sx model
  • Has the ability to print a clear or white toner
  • Xante En/Press
  • Best digital color envelope printer and lowest cost per print in the industry
  • Prints on a wider variety of media and sheet sizes
  • Higher resolution (up to 2400)
  • Output is 100% waterproof

The Edge

  • Can print envelopes #10 or smaller to the edge, without having to convert the envelopes.