Envelope Mailing Derby City Litho

We’re Printing It.

Let Us Mail It, Too.

Direct mail is many a marketer’s secret weapon, and for good reason — done well, it provides a solid return from a precisely targeted audience.

Derby City Litho offers complete mailing services, including addressing (from your list or an acquired list), batching and sorting for the lowest rate, preparing the paperwork and delivering it to the Post Office.

And because we can build this into the print planning process from the beginning, you get the convenience of working with one partner from start to finish, and the assurance of Derby City Litho’s commitment to communication and performance. It’s why so many Louisville area business turn to us for their direct mail printing and processing.

And remember, our robust digital printing capabilities give you access to variable data printing to personalize your campaign for bigger impact and better results.

For your next direct mail campaign, talk with us early in the process about how we can handle every aspect and make your mailing look fabulous and perform well.